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Attitude is Everything

Release time:2019-08-29 10:28:00

By presenting a serious of luminous streetwear products this autumn, BSX encourages everyone to stay confident and maintain their own attitude. This limited collection is launched in online store and physical stores simultaneously for the first time. 

The collection adopts light green as the main theme colour and it creates a sharp colour contrast to the classic black and white. Special luminous effect is added in all products to make them glow. Some big logos are printed in the front and some are presented in a monogram format, which bring freshness to our autumn looks.

Signature 2-in-1 jacket increases the styling flexibility

The 2-in-1 jacket launched last year has received overwhelming support from our fans, which makes it an iconic item of the brand. The luminous effect in details this season not only surprises “Neon” fans, but also increases the flexibility in styling. With the big “Perfection” logo at the back and black ribbon in the front, the jacket provides three colours for selection: black, white and green.

Unisex sizes creates streetwear couple looks

Hip hop look stands out with the oversized silhouette. Mix and match a couple look with these unisex sized items and let’s dance in the party.

Popular patchwork reheats retro style

This collection provides several t-shirts for easy styling. The focus should be on the striped patchwork t-shirt in black, white and green. Jogger pants with luminous logo also presents a retro street style.

Don’t miss our new launched hoodie tee which shows an eye-catching layering effect. And a luminous cap is a must-have item for your hip hop streetwear. This limited collection is available in both online and physical stores now.