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77 Heartwarmings Crossover Collection

Release time:2019-11-26 13:26:00

From sweetness, break-up to forgiveness, this 10-year relationship was built in laughter and tears. In Erica Li’s new novel “77 Heartwarmings”, Eva continues her love journey, will she be able to find her happiness at the end?

Adding purple elements in design, BSX launches a series of men’s and women’s products to show the romance and bitterness of love. You can always shine like a star with courage and confidence.

The stereoscopic maze graphic symbolizes our rugged daily lives. People and the things around us, even timing, may affect our choices and lead us to different paths. There is no right or wrong, we will definitely find a way out. Trust yourself to create your own future.

Sometimes, we may get lost and give up our faith in love. Just like Eva, she feels so lonely no matter how hard she tried. Standing in the middle of the road, she asks herself helplessly: “Why are you still single?”

Some might say love is like walking on a tightrope, you will still go for it even though you might fall. After getting hurt many times, Eva still believes in love and carries on her journey. Time heals everything and never forget to pursue love.

The collection specially highlights pullovers in black, white and purple to represent your moods and feelings in different stages of life. 3D font design generates an impressive visual effect for your unique fashion style in everyday life.

This crossover collection is available in BSX Online Store and selected stores now!